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OBALA: GC1EKBN Slap Veli Vir

Objavljeno: Pe Jun 25, 2010 6:35 am
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Že nekaj časa je od tega, ko sem postavil 2 "zaklada" na obali. Eden od teh je slap Veli Vir, kater is nahaja pod vasico Sokoliči, v bližini mejnega prehoda Sočerga.

Povezava na GC stran je: TUKAJ

Copy paste iz GC strani:

Veli Vir is located close to SLO-CRO border pass Socerga. Accessing the waterfall Veli Vir is possible from the village of Sokolici.
When you come in Sokolici you will see a sign VELI VIR.There is also a small parking place on the left.
Both, the sign and the parking place are on position:

N45 27 52.0
E13 52 43.3
Altitude: 276m

The sign shows that you can rach the waterfall by taking the
road which goes trough the village or the other which goes
Take this one. Before the sign, turn right and take the unpaved road which slightly descends. After ca. 300-400m you will see another sign (VELI VIR) and there turn left. From here the path will not be so nice but you can go by foot or bike without problems. When you reach the third sign you will have to turn left onto a footpath. You will see some large rocks on the right side of the path. The Veli Vir waterfall is ca. 30m from here.

Veli Vir waterfall:

N45 27' 35.6"
E13 52' 43.1"

The cache is somewhere on the foothpath leading to the waterfall.