OBALA: GC1EGAW Supotski slap

Je osnovna oblika zaklada, ki je sestavljen najmanj iz škatle, svinčnika in dnevnika.
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OBALA: GC1EGAW Supotski slap

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Povezava na GC je TUKAJ

Copy paste iz GC strani:

The cache is located between the villages of Pomjan and Kostabona close to the SUPOT waterfall on an altitude of 165m. To find the cache is not so difficult as to find the way to it.

The Supot waterfall is one of many waterfalls on the Slovenia coast line or Slovenian part of Istria. This waterfall is mostly dry as water runs over it yust after havy rain and lasts just for a couple of days. Most of waterfalls in this area are like that. If you find it, take time and take a look from the top and from the bottom.

The cache is located between the willages of Pomjan and Koštabona. You can access the cache from both willages.

If you access the cache from Pomjan then find the bus station on position:

N45 29 58.0
E13 45 09.2

and on a altitude of 344m

Close to it there is an unpaved road going to the South. After 50m you will see a water supply on your left side (water is drinkable). Then follow the red/blu marks, but be carefull they are just a few and hard to see.

If you access che cache from Kostabona: Find the following location:
N45 28 48.7
E13 44 13.5


From here take the road going Notrh East.

No matter from where you access the cache once you are on the top of the Supot waterfall, you will see a footpath on the left (looking in the stream direction). Your cache is very close to you.

Shortly: it is more difficult to reach the cache, then to find it.


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