Geocaching in Slovenia

Hello, dear geocachers!

Are you planning to visit Slovenia and you want to spice up your visit with a geocaching? Welcome to a website of the Slovenian Geocaching Club. Club was formed back in 2012, with a purpose to help, inform and share knowledge among the other geocachers, about geocaching itself.

Having some problems to solve a mystery cache? Want to know where you can find caches that are worth to visit? Need a translation, teamwork group or help on the field? We can help you with that, since there is a non-slovenian speaking forum within our website, where you can freely ask us anything you want, including questions that are not directly related to geocaching (where to stay, eat local food, etc…).

To make it easier on the very beginning, you can browse the list of the caches of the month. Below you can read the most common Slovenian hints translated in English:

Slovenian English
štor stump
korenine / med koreninami roots / between the roots
znak / tabla sign
visim / visi hanging
smreka spruce
bukev beech
kamni / skale rocks
pod / spodaj under / down
luknja hole
drevo / ob drevesu tree / by a tree
ograja fence
višina oči eye level
višina ramen shoulder height
višina kolen knee level
razpoka crack
kot corner

If you have any questions you can ask on our English speaking forum.